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Stress Resilience Mini Retreat

This Stress Resilience Mini Retreat features a combination of the best techniques for releasing stress and relaxing the mind & body.  

For over 5 years, Rob traveled the world to study advanced breathing techniques, core muscle release, and various previously secret techniques from India, Bali, and Peru from neuroscientists, yogis, and Kung Fu artists.  

The practice begins with breathing methods derived from ancient Tibetan, Yogic, and Kung Fu practices. Then the body is lightly stretched and exercised to release deep muscular tension.  Finally, you will be guided through a calming visualization.  You're guaranteed to feel the difference!

This mini-retreat will include instruction on at home/work practices for relaxing amid stress.

This retreat is limited to 6 people.  Bring your partner or a friend.

If you have questions or would prefer a private session, contact Rob at 571.294.2361 or