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For Vets Only - Hacking Your Nervous System

Presented with Team RWB DMV.

At the Stress Resilience Institute, our mission is to help create a stress free world by bringing techniques previously only found in ancient practices, or buried in the latest neuroscience studies, to everyone. From senior business executives to college students, we have something for you.

Hacking Your Nervous System TM is our signature workshop. You will learn about breath and mind-body techniques that can be used to regulate your body’s stress response. In addition, we’ll practice a variety of mindfulness and body position techniques that are scientifically proven to reduce stress instantly. The program is especially beneficial to those who work in nerve-wracking environments, have experienced traumatic events, or suffer from chronic stress. The techniques we teach have been successfully utilized by the military and foreign service organizations.

Participants report: Better Sleep, Reduced Anxiety, Less Irritability, and Higher Productivity

Rob Hartman is the lead trainer for The Stress Resilience Institute, a training organization that specializes in advanced stress resilience methods. Rob’s two decades in cyber security and national security led him to discover his passion for helping stressed individuals. He’s trained special forces, martial artists, medical doctors, stressed parents, and war vets. Since 2009, Rob has received extensive training on the nervous system from neuroscientists, yogis, shaman, stress experts, and researchers in the US, India, Bali, and Peru.

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