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Stress Relief Training

If you are suffering from high degrees of stress, low back pain, difficulty sleeping or focusing, this workshop is for you.  


In this beginner workshop, you will learn powerful stress resilience skills like breath and mind-body techniques that can be used to regulate your stress response.   We will practice a variety of mindfulness and body position techniques that are scientifically proven to reduce stress.


The program is especially beneficial to those who work in nerve-wracking environments, have experienced traumatic events, or suffer from constant worry. We have trained teachers in the Department of State and individuals from a variety of military and intelligence agencies. These techniques are equally useful for executives who are burning the candle at both ends or school teachers who are dealing with the pressures of the modern classroom.


Participants will receive a copy of my book: Hacking Your Nervous System for Less Stress.


What we’ll cover:


- Intro to the Autonomic Nervous System - Understand the science of fight-flight, anxiety, and how to lower tension


- Breathing Techniques used to release worry and regulate the autonomic nervous system


- Body poses to release tension including a method of shaking or tremoring out of stress


- Mindfulness practices that help to increase your awareness and regulation of thought patterns



Participants report:

  • Better Sleep

  • Reduced Anxiety

  • Less Irritability

  • Higher Energy Levels

  • Increased Productivity



"I definitely feel the most relaxed that I've felt in weeks -- Thank you!" -JMS, War Vet


"I was totally skeptical at the start of the class, but once the tremoring started to happen I was just amazed!  Every different position I moved into altered how it felt and where I felt it.  Totally worth it!" -AAM, War Vet


“I felt more relaxed very quickly and I definitely felt looser.  For some reason, I feel more confident.” -MPS, War Vet


“I haven’t felt this relaxed in over ten years.” –PC, Retiree


Workshop space is limited. Sign up today to avoid disappointment 


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