Start with the Deep Relaxation Experience

The Deep Relaxation Experience guides you through the easiest and most advanced ways to relax the nervous system. Whether you experience everyday stress or complex post-traumatic stress, these techniques will help release pent-up tension and restore the body to a state of calm. 

This workshop features advanced breathing techniques, gentle stretching, releasing of the psoas muscle (which produces a tremble effect), and a guided visualization. No prior experience required! You will be amazed at how relaxed you feel, guaranteed.


Go Deeper with Personal Stress Resilience Training

Personal Stress Resilience Training teaches you military-grade skills for stress resilience. This training focuses on reprogramming your stress response on a physiological level. You will learn advanced techniques for handling stressful moments such as public speaking, negotiations, conflict and combat.

Sessions are offered at StressFreeDC’s Dupont Circle office on evenings and weekends. Please wear comfortable clothes for light stretching and exercise.